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Total Impairment Disability Insurance is an important type of injury or disability insurance because it can protect you and your lifestyle in the event of a catestophic injury, accident or illness which leaves you totally impaired. It is distinct to other types of health or life insurance because it will come into effect for a permanent basis, rather than for temporary injuries. It is often a large lump-sum or incremental payment that is designed to help cover medical expenses as well as a loss of income. Because of this large burden that can be placed on individuals facing this situation, we strongly recommend total impairment insurance or disability insurance to cover you in the event of this worst case scenario. Without insurance, the cost can easily be too much to bear.

Cover Plus have dealt with this type of insurance for a long time, and we are acutely aware of the importance given to this insurance’s definitions of ‘total impairment’, and as such we can ensure that you fully understand the type of policies that you have, and when they can cover your injuries. It can be distinct to income protection because this type of insurance is a total impairment, rather than a temporary illness or accident. Total Impairment Disability Insurance is for when you can no longer function the same way as a result of the impairment. In particular this can affect your ability to work, and more broadly carry on the same lifestyle. That is why total impairment disability insurance helps to cover the loss of income, the recovery process, and the ongoing cost of living through the disability.

If you compare total impairment disability insurance to health insurance, income loss, and temporary impairment these can be seen as distinct insurances that can come in at various stages or in specific scenarios, as often the most common claims are the ones for the shortest types of injuries or illnesses.

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