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If you run a Brisbane business that uses a drone then you should consider drone insurance or aviation insurance more broadly. The aviation industry is something which is being affected by technological change. we don’t mean changes to commercial aircraft – but rather an every-day use of drones. Drones are being used for many types of employment and in many different industries for a range of logistic or marketing uses. At Cover Plus we see that they will have an important place in the future logistic operations of businesses in Brisbane and beyond moving into the future. But that is also why we are recommending clients to explore Drone Insurance options. This increase in use and capability of drones raises a number of concerns over drone use and liability insurance. The function of drones breaks down a number of barriers between traditional ideas of privacy and data which can in fact cause loss to a business through 3rd party claims, or through damages caused. Because this is a developing area of technology and insurance Cover Plus prides itself on staying up to date with the latest developments and can advise clients on whether or not this type of drone insurance is something which could benefit them.

If interested in learning more about drone operations in Queensland and Brisbane, you can learn more online at the Civil Aviation Safety Association (CASA) website. This will run you through requirements for size classes of drones, how they can be operated, the heights you can operate as well as the legal requirements regarding permissions from people and the risk to privacy. We always recommend to clients to understand the laws of drone operations when getting insurance in much the same way that we all must understand the road rules to avoid causing problems with car insurance.

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