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With Decades of experience, Craig Shanley, through Cover Plus, is in a unique position to offer expert insurance advice to a wide range of clients in the Brisbane area and beyond.

Cover Plus

Craig started in 1990, working for a large insurer for 20 years, in 2003 Cover Plus was created within this large insurer as an agent, and since 2010 Craig has taken Cover Plus and is now working individually as a broker and authorised representative. Cover Plus is divided into 2 types of insurance models to deliver different services under distinct licenses.

The advice typically given is considered general insurance, but we can also operate with personal insurance which includes life insurance. These two services dovetail nicely and often allow Cover Plus to give a more holistic and well-rounded cover to our clients to suit their insurance needs.

As an insurance broker, Cover Plus works on behalf of the client, not the insurer. The Broker will look for the most appropriate options for a client. One should come to a broker because they can give better information and a personalised service. They can also undertake expert market research to improve the position of the insurance client.

Craig Shanley
Craig ShanleyDirector
Cover Plus Financial Services Pty Ltd | Authorised Representative No. 235267

Authorised Representative of Ausure Pty Ltd t/as Ausure Insurance Brokers
ABN 94 096 971 854 | Licence No: 238433
T 07 3368 2412 | M 0419 774 377
PO Box 364 Toowong QLD 4066|

Goals and Plans

You need to be able to clearly explain what is happening in the industry so that our clients can understand how insurance works, and how it can work to their needs. That is why Cover Plus has adopted the mission to make insurance simpler – because if you don’t understand what cover you are getting you may find you are paying too much, or you are not actually as protected as you think.

There are many changes constantly happening in the insurance industry and if we can make sure that our services are adapting to those needs, and that we can  explain to our clients how this will affect them, then we are one step closer to delivering simple, effective insurance.

The industry is going through a lot of changes at the moment. We need to look at what is there and what is going to happen in the future
There are emerging products developing, and we pride ourselves on being prepared for these changes and being able to offer information to our clients about these areas, such as Cyber-crime insurance and Aviation/Drone insurance, and the way that technology is changing areas like credit insurance.

Insurance Advice

Insurance and Financial advice broadly speaking is giving advice to clients with either general advice or specialist advice. We predominantly operate with generic information that can help direct the client to understand their potential needs but allowing the client to make final decisions on what path to choose.  In certain circumstances we can give personal advice that is carefully crafted to your exact needs. We ask pertinent questions to our clients to see if certain policies are in place, and if they intend to get certain policies while exploring the operations of the business in greater detail. This is important for new businesses and clients who have never run a business before.

For the most part we believe strongly in trying to educate the general population about how insurance works so that people can make the most appropriate decision for their circumstances. Because while at Cover Plus we try to understand your business needs, you will always know more about how you operate and so we believe that if we can equip you with the tools and knowledge you are going to be in a stronger position to make sure you have the most appropriate type of insurance.

Our Clients Say

Our coverage always felt sufficient, and we felt that he worked hard to control the cost for us.  But, you truly won’t understand the value of your insurance brokerage team until you have a complex claim.  That is the point where you will see their value is well beyond the assessment and renewal processes.

Put simply, Craig and his team saved us time and money on our policies for over 25 years and passed the real world crisis test with flying colours when we needed to put our policy to work.  You’re in safe hands with Craig Shanley.”


During the complex claim process Craig and his team were beside us throughout each stage.  This claim received initially negative assessment by the insurer.  It was a marginal call on whether the policy responded.   Without Craig’s guidance and years of experience in the field, we would not have been able to work with the insurer to reverse this first instance decision.  

Craig and the Aussure team have been managing our coverage since 1992.  We had always been happy with his straight-forward and open approach to our insurance and business risk management.


“I have known Craig for more than 20 years. He has advised me and provided my business and private insurance needs over this period. Craig has always provided professional and competitive advice and I have no hesitation in recommending him for all insurance matters.”


“Craig Shanley has been involved with J&C Cabinets for well over 8 years & has been handling our insurance needs for all this time.

He’s attitude to work & helping out is nothing but the best, The advice and help he has put towards J&C Cabinets is well above average, and He always seems to try that bit harder, as well as explaining why he has done it this way

I do believe that through Craig we have saved money as well”


Affiliations and Memberships

Cover Plus is proud to be associated with the following Australian Insurance institutions, memberships, and associations

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